My Dad always said he wanted a meaningful gift, not an expensive one

The Expert Gift Giver

When I was younger, I fancied myself something of an “expert gift giver.” I always tried to do something personal, from the heart, and something that would make the gift recipient know how much I cared for them. A lot of the time, these gifts were homemade, or labours of love, if you will. Video memories or slideshows, scrapbooks, calendars with photos, all of that fun stuff. Then, the unthinkable happened: I grew up! I had way more responsibilities, and at that point I just didn’t have the time or the patience. The hobbies and passions we had time for when we were younger, including thoughtful gift-giving, don’t always translate well into adulthood with jobs and families to think about.

A meaningful, thoughtful gift is hard to do 😔

Let’s get one thing straight: Thinking of a meaningful, thoughtful gift? A+.

Having the time, skills (organizational and otherwise) and talent to actually put it together? Way harder. Trying to get any amount of people to collaborate on something is like herding cats.

Celebrate made it easy 😄

That’s one of the reasons I was so glad to be able to use Celebrate so easily. I used to make meaningful gifts for people all of the time, and seeing their faces once they had witnessed what I’d worked on for them felt AMAZING. Watching the reactions they would have was one of my favourite things. Now with Celebrate, I can do it so much more easily, and with so many tools I didn’t have before (adding GIFs? Possibly my favourite feature). Everything is streamlined through Celebrate, from the multimedia invitations they send out to the ease with which people can contribute so you don’t have to spend hours of your life organizing!

I have received many amazing and thoughtful gifts throughout my life, but I had never gotten a video gift myself…until last month! Stay tuned for my next post where I’ll talk about the first time I RECEIVED a Celebrate video, and the total difference between making one and receiving one. I had no idea the emotions I experienced would be so strong!

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