5 Creative Bridal Shower Guest Book Ideas

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Picture this: Your best friend is getting married. She's going to be a wife! She is so excited for the big day, and you couldn't be more thrilled to be part of her wedding journey.

Now what? Being a bridesmaid, maid of honour or close friend of the bride means you are IMPORTANT to her on her wedding day! You have to help plan a bridal shower, and you'll probably be trying to find a creative way to make her bridal shower the most fun it can be. Bridal shower guest books can be tricky, though! You could have a traditional guest book, which is nice in the moment but gets forgotten afterwards. You could have a fun dining table centerpiece, but then once the event is over they get tossed.

Listen, bridal showers can be stressful. We get that. There's a lot of pressure to make sure the bride, her family and her friends are having the most fun possible. That's why we're here to help with your search for inspiration. Let's start with this: get rid of the idea of a traditional book and try something like a custom guest book! A classic guest book is nice for about five minutes, but there are so many creative alternatives out there for a bridal shower guest book. Never fear, bridal shower friends! The search for a personalized bridal shower guest book is over:

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Here are 5 Bridal Shower Guest Book ideas to get you started on your way to throwing the best bridal shower EVER!

Shadow Box Guest Book:

Shadow Box Guest Book

These are all the rage these days with guests and brides alike. For this party idea, guests sign their well wishes on a small item with significance to the bride and groom. For a bride going with a rustic wedding style, it could be little wooden circles. For a bride going with a more bookish style, you could have bridal shower guests sign scrabble tiles. Then, the shower guests will drop these items in a shadow box on display (They sell these on etsy). This creates a beautiful display with signed memories the couple can look at whenever they like!

Video Guest Book:

Personally, this is our favourite way to celebrate. Couldn't you tell? For this personalized bridal shower guest book idea, all guests will need is a phone and themselves! At the event (or events, depending on how extra your bride is 😉) guests will scan a QR code sign at the bridal shower and record a video message for the bride. People can record things like well wishes, inspiration for the coming nuptials, tips for a having the most fun wedding ever, whatever your shower guest feels like recording. The bride will have these memories long after all the parties are over, the paper is signed and the attendees have all gone home. She'll never forget this one!

Puzzle Guest Book:

We saw this feature at a wedding and fell in love! It can totally be repurposed for a bridal shower guest book as well. For this one, the bridal shower guest will write a little note with well wishes and sign their name on a small puzzle piece, which the guests will then drop into a vase. These will all fit together after, with little personalized details from everyone who attended the bridal shower! This guest book is a really cute style if you want to create some long lasting memories for your favorite bride.

Giant Guest Sign:

For this cute bridal shower guest book idea, family of the bride (or whoever is throwing the bridal shower) would blow up some photos of the wedding couple into a big collage. They would put this collage on a poster, and guests can have some fun signing whichever photo in the collage they like the most! It's a fun way to celebrate the couple's history while leaving them some love for the future.

Polaroid Camera Guest Book:

Polaroid Camera Guest Book

Last but not least, there's always the good old polaroid camera of course, which you can bring to the event space for friends and guests of the bride to take photos of themselves. Each guest can sign their name to their photo (or photos), along with a little message for the bride. This way, she'll never forget the names and faces of every guest who showed up to party with her at her one and only bridal shower. Grab a thin pen for this one though, as polaroids don't have a ton of room to sign under photos!

Hopefully this little list will help you when you're trying to decide what type of guest book works best. Now go enjoy the super fun bridal shower we know you're planning already! (And if you haven't started planning, don't worry. You'll get there!)

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