30th Birthday Video Message Gift Ideas

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While each year around the sun is worth celebrating, milestone birthdays are extra special. Creating a personalized birthday video is one of the best ways to show the birthday person just how much they mean to you.

Turning 30 years old is a major milestone in adult years,crossing the threshold into becoming a mature and responsible grown-up. It’s a great opportunity to joke about being “over the hill” and looking back on the formative experiences over the past decade.

So, how do you compile a 30th birthday video present that will make your loved one smile from ear to ear?

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Step-by-Step Guide for 30th Birthday Video Gifts

You don’t have to be a professional video grapher to create one of the best 30th birthday video gifts to ever exist. In fact, you don’t even need to be tech-savvy!

All that you need is Celebrate and the following steps.

Gather the Special People to be Included

Grab a pen and a piece of paper and start writing a list of everyone to be included in the birthday video. Decide whether you want to include grandparents and family members, university friends, or a mixed bag of characters.

By the time your loved one turns 30-years-old, they have childhood friends, new work colleagues and, if they’re lucky, surviving older family members to consider.

Gather the special people to be included

If you’re stumped on who to include in the video, or you don’t have the contact information for everyone, then you can ask relevant friends and family to extend the invite.

The beauty of a video gift with Celebrate is that there is no limit to the number of people that can be included.

Top tip: creating a birthday video message is great for any milestone - from 50th birthday celebrations to 18th birthday gift.

Share Instructions with the Collaborators

Give each collaborator clear instructions on what to submit when sending through a video clip or pictures. The more specific that you are with your instructions, the better the final video will be.

There are two main aspects to consider when asking collaborators to take part in the 30th milestone birthday video gift.

● Decide on a clear theme or message
● Offer guidelines on how to send a video with confidence

Suggest a theme or message for the 30th birthday milestone

Explore the many creative 30th birthday video gift ideas for him and her. From asking everyone to share their favourite memory of the birthday person, request that they dress according to a certain theme, or even sing a song.

Consider the following ideas as a starting point;

● Use pop-references from the 90s, such as playing the Friends soundtrack in the background
● Offer a special wish or hope for their life, career and growth in their 30s
● Ask 30 people to share their favourite memory with the birthday honoree, totalling 30 great memories
● Request that everyone wear a certain colour that resembles maturity, such as whites and neutral tones

Give Tips for Filming the Message

Some of your collaborators may be shy, while others may struggle with using technology. Relieve the stress of filming a birthday message by offering top tips to relax and showcase personality.

You can also add a few suggestions on formatting to make sure that the birthday video is the best quality that it can be.

For example;

● All videos to be sent in the same orientation (either landscape or portrait)
● Audio should be clear
● Relax and pretend that you’re talking to a friend
● Write your message down and practice
● Don’t be afraid to film several versions until you’re comfortable with the final result
● Let your personality shine!

Collect all Videos and Photographs

With Celebrate, it’s easy for friends to create and share high-quality video clips and pictures automatically to your account - no app is needed! All that’s needed is a tap on the button of the invitation to start the recording process.

When you send the invitation to collaborate, request that all videos be complete by a certain deadline.

Encourage collaborators to send videos and photographs to stitch the final presentation together seamlessly.

Personalize the Video

While most of the personalization will come from collaborators offering their special 30th birthday video message, Celebrate also offers you the opportunity to tweak the final edit further.

Add your own media, rearrange clips, add titles and music, and split clips as you wish. The end result is a beautiful commemoration of a milestone celebration!

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Finalize the 30th Birthday Video

What better way to say goodbye to your twenties and hello to the next decade than with a compilation of special words and memories from people around the world!

Once you’re happy with the final video, you can send it to the special birthday person to watch in person or online. Choose to unveil the birthday message at a grand party, on the big-screen TV after a birthday dinner, or surprise them in their email inbox!

Ready to get started? Sign up with Celebrate today and initiate the best 30th birthday video gift imaginable!

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