The Newlywed Game for Bachelorettes

Have you heard of the “Newlywed game”? It's exciting and nerve-wracking, with the potential for a great time or a massive blow-up with your partner. Fun, isn't it? But what if there was a way to make it more enjoyable and engaging with more laughter?

For Bridal Showers and Bachelorette parties, we’ve created a version of the game which involves a bridesmaid asking the groom personal questions while the bride (and bridesmaids) guess his answers. The host bridesmaid reveals the correct answer afterward.

How to Play our Bachelorette Game


Use to ask the groom questions about the bride

ex. Who is Marcia’s celebrity crush?


At the Bachelorette, ask everyone what they think the groom answered

We asked Cory what he thought Marcia’s Celebrity crush is. What do you think he said?


Reveal what the groom said!

Ideally, connect to a tv so everyone can easily see.  Enjoy laughter and bragging rights for being right!

How it works

Creating a Q&A Video for your bachelorette/bridal shower  is quick, fun, and easy!


Send Invites

Invite the groom to to answer a series of questions on any device. No need to log in or download an app.

The groom records answers to each question, one at a time.


Polish and Save

We do all the grunt work of creating question slides and grouping answers  behind each slide.

You can also add your own video, pictures and music to create an awesome Newlywed game!


Watch Together

At the event, watch the video. Try to guess what the groom’s answers were before you play them.