Celebrate a Wedding with a Video Message in India

Celebrate the grandest occasion a man and a woman can ever experience. Congratulate the groom and the bride by making a video for wedding..

Share memorable moments and show your wedding video message during the reception or the wedding shower.

You can make this possible with our wedding wishes video maker in India!

Easily Send Best Wishes to the Newlyweds

Send your wedding wishes to your best friend through a video. With our wedding video maker in India, everything is possible.

Make the video of your wedding shower congratulations. Download it and send it to your best friend. Collaborate with other people  and surprise the bride or groom during their shower or stag party.

Not able to attend their big day? No problem! You can still catch up and send your best-wishes video to the newlyweds.

Amaze them with an HD quality video that tells their love story, from the time they met until their beautiful wedding day. Go ahead and make the newlywed laugh and cry at the same time!

See some priceless reactions!

Make a wedding video message in minutes

Invite your friends and family to contribute a brief video message to surprise someone special. We do all the gathering, the organizing and the storing. You add your unique touch with our simple-to-use tools and BOOM — you create an amazing, personalized BEST GIFT EVER!

send video invite

Send Invite

First, invite anyone using your Celebrate account. Guests don’t need to log in or download anything! All they need is to accept your invite and start sending their video clips.
collect videos and organize

Collect & Organize

Gather wedding video messages from well-wishers. Pick your photos and videos from the media that are available in your Celebrate account.
Add your personal touch in video

Add Your Touch

Use our beautiful video themes for a charming wedding couple and share your wise marital advice. Rearrange photos and texts and finish your video in minutes!
share video and celebrate the occasion

Share & Celebrate

Upload your content when you’re ready. Share your video on social media, or send it as an email. Tell an inspiring love story.

Wedding Montage Video

It’s time to get unique with a creative wedding video invitation. If you’re the bride-to-be or groom-to-be, our pre-wedding video maker can make this possible.

The creation is simple. All you need is to create an account and use our platform.

Not getting married but you know someone who will tie the knot months or weeks from now. Make a video for a wedding reception, fun, memorable, and exciting.

Every couple deserves a beautiful celebration of their love story with a video for wedding wishes from their loved ones.

Collect old photos or videos of the bride and groom from friends, relatives, parents. Include their childhood pics or their high school antics.

Organize these photos and video clips. Create a wedding video gift in India, featuring the places that the couple visited, their first date, their first fight, the proposal or the engagement party.

Share your “wise” marital advice or maybe gather wedding video messages from the parents of the bride and the groom.

With Celebrate, you can create memorable videos worth sharing to everyone!

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    We're happy to answer your most common questions below!

    How lengthy my Wedding video can be?

    You can have it as long as you want, but our suggestion is two hours at the most. The output of our video maker is HD quality, so the file will eat up your MB space if you’re saving it on your devices. So, make it as brief as possible but meaningful.

    Can I download my Wedding group video?

    Yes of course, There is a download button in every video you make in your Celebrate Buzz account

    How much does it cost to make a wedding video in India?

    Creating a wedding video is totally free. Just sign up to make a video gift, receive video clips from people you invite and organize your media. You only pay when it’s time to share your creation with people. We also offer unlimited video creation and sharing.

    How video message is a best wedding gift?

    While big, showy wedding gifts are certainly eye-catching, nothing will touch a couple’s heart more than a video montage from friends. A video montage will let you and your friends show the couple how much you appreciate them, and it’s an easy way to shower them with fond wishes for the future. Personalize your wedding wishes video with celebrate.

    How do I make a wedding highlight video online in India?

    Use our wedding video creator in India. Create an amazing compilation of photos and clips like a movie trailer. You can highlight the best moments of a couple’s love story, from first date to their wedding day.

    How do you make a wedding video message in India?

    It’s simple. Invite friends, family, siblings, or anyone and ask them to send their video messages. Wait for them to send their clips straight to your Celebrate account. Pick from these media and use our wedding video maker in India to create the message. You can finish this video gift in minutes!

    Visit our FAQ page for the full list of questions and answers!