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Create a memorial tribute video to honor the life of a deceased loved one. With our tribute video maker, you can create a meaningful message to celebrate their life. 

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Celebrate is that it makes it really easy for ANYONE to create a tribute video for a special person in your life.

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How it works

Invite your friends and family to contribute a brief video message to surprise someone special. We do all the gathering, the organizing and the storing. You add your unique touch with our simple-to-use tools and BOOM — you create an amazing, personalized BEST GIFT EVER!

send video invite

Send Invite

Invite friends & family to record a video message on any device. No need for anyone to log in or download an app.
collect videos and organize

Collect & Organize

Easy for friends to create and share HD quality video clips and pix. All media auto-added to your account.
Add your personal touch in video

Add Your Touch

Use our drag and drop tool, add your own video, pictures, and music, and voila – an awesome video!
share video and celebrate the occasion

Share & Celebrate

On the big day, share your creation with your special someone. Let them shower you with appreciation!

Make a Beautiful Memorial Tribute

Make a tribute video of a family member, close friend, or colleague to commemorate their life when they were still alive. Say your goodbyes and keep the memory of a loved one alive. Share their story and turn the group video into a lovely funeral tribute.

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  • Add titles & music
  • Split and duplicate clips
  • Create and share a "Thank You" video from your special someone after the big day!
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    5 star rating based on Facebook reviews

    5 out of 5 stars from Facebook reviews

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    We're happy to answer your most common questions below!

    How do I make a tribute video?

    Do you want to make a tribute video online for someone? If you do, surprise the family of the bereaved with a creative funeral tribute. Complete it with a message of inspiration from other people who are also close to the departed.

    How long should a tribute video be?

    We recommend making it meaningful and inspirational to the bereaved family. You can create it as long as you want it to be.

    Will tribute video gifts be private?

    Yes, all video gifts are private by default. Celebrate.Buzz won’t share your videos to anyone unless you make them public. You can change this privacy setting in the video creator.

    Can I download our tribute video?

    Definitely. Each video has a download button.

    Can I add text or music to a tribute video gift?

    Yes, you can add any text or music. You can either upload your own media or choose from our templates.

    How much does a tribute video cost?

    It’s free to create an account. Plus, we offer affordable packages that start at $4.99 monthly for unlimited creation and sharing of videos.

    Visit our FAQ page for the full list of questions and answers!